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The beginning of a new journey | Scenic Days

Every new journey we embark on starts out as an idea; the idea to explore a new country, to venture through a national park or to road trip  with a couple of friends. Regardless of the idea, it is almost always one that we contemplate about, plan the details of and probably even share with a few of the closest people in our lives. If you are anything like me, you may sit down and try to plan out every single detail, to make sure everything is perfect, trying to work out all the problems [or should I say “potential problem”], prior to even getting started. 

I’ll admit I’ve been down that bumpy road more times than I can count…

I’ll attempt to make a long story short: I initially contemplated starting a fashion blog 4-5 years ago after several people, including my mom, proposed the idea to me. However, in the midst of physical therapy school and thinking about all the reasons why it wouldn’t work, I buried the idea beneath the very pile of clothes people were telling me to blog about.

I moved forward with my life, graduating from physical therapy school and taking my first big girl job in the career I always dreamed of. With this new job came a salary, allowing me to adjust my budget a bit. This had me eyeing a DSLR camera that I always dreamed of having. After a lot of research and inquiries from a friend who is a photographer [Shout out to DJ Freesmeier. Go check out his page: www.freesframephoto.com], I took the leap and purchased the camera just in time for our family vacation to Anna Maria Island, Florida. I was beyond excited. I couldn’t wait to use my new Nikon to document every part of our trip.

I became hooked; hooked on capturing moments, especially moments of my travels. I felt joy, I felt creativity, I felt alive every time I had the opportunity to go to a new place and use my camera to document the memories and feelings I was experiencing in those moments. 

This went on for about a year and half, trip after trip, more memories began occupying space on my external hard drive. During one of my trips, late in 2017, in Asheville, North Carolina I started a travel journal, jotting down notes of places we went, food eaten at restaurants and the day to day experiences had. It was in one of these moments and through conversations with those closest to me that the blog idea (still hidden in the back of my closet) made its way to the forefront again, this time with another purpose in mind–documenting my travels and photos. 

Again, I found myself contemplating back and forth whether or not I should move forward with it. I continued to push it off, making excuses that I didn’t have all the details of it planned out, that it wasn’t the right time or it was a silly idea to begin with. Every once in a while, I found myself occasionally making an effort to work towards getting a blog in place, but the perfectionist inside kept telling me it wasn’t ready. 

Then, I stumbled upon these quotes:


This got me thinking: We are never going to be 100% ready and it is never going to be exactly the right time to do anything in our lives. We can’t plan out every detail of a trip marked on the calendar, the next 10 years of our lives or starting a blog. But that’s the beauty of it. It means that we can make every moment the right moment.

If you want something, you have to make it happen. Stop overthinking and just do it. The timing will never be perfect and all we are promised with is today. So get started, act now and begin the journey you’ve been contemplating for far too long. 

This post  of my journey. The start of me sharing my travels, photos, thoughts, recommendations, outfits, recipes and all the other things that make my days, scenic days. 

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